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OOCly, Enchufa first appeared the first post of Archmage's In Pursuit of the Darkness!, 22 December 2001 (01:15 PM). Its original description was thus:

"...a rather interesting city...The Mechanical City of Enchufa. It still seems amazing--the steam engines provide the people with electricity, and lamps burn bright in the streets. It is not unusual to see guards in Magitek armor patrolling on the corners, and soldiers carry guns, not just swords. Busy engineers bang their hammers, sending resonating clangs throughout the streets."

It should be noted that the presence of Magitek in Enchufa has been largely glossed over; despite the fact that the PCs in the RP actually utilized the machines at some point, this particular detail has functionally been retconned. However, the overall tech level of Enchufa is still slightly higher than the majority of Doma. It is reported that some of the inspiration for the machines of Enchufa originally came from Valthi immigrants and smugglers.

MUSH description


Enchufa is a mid-sized coastal town in the southeastern sector of Doma; it's famous for being a town primarily populated by mechanics and inventors. It is not uncommon for magically-inept thinkers to flock there to share ideas and pioneer new technology.

Travelling the streets in Enchufa is something like traveling in any other Doman city of its size but Enchufa has a somewhat different feel to it--mostly for its oddities like electric lampposts and enormous steam-driven generators every few blocks. It also bears to note that uniformed guards, dressed in similar outfits to standard Doman military regalia, stand on street corners with rifles resting against their shoulders.

Enchufa is also less "open-air" than the Doman markets tend to be, and most if not all business transactions take place indoors.

However, there are plenty of roundabouts and circles with benches and greenery for the occasional traveler to stop and chat or enjoy a sandwich on the go. It bears some resemblance, overall, to a city in the days of the early industrial revolution.

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