Dia Rai

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Dia Rai
( pdrydia )

Dia Rai

art by Jesterlex

name Dia Rai
nickname(s) --none--
rp world Gaera Main
birthdate 1 Kazerora 1293
birthplace unknown
current residence Jade Dragon Inn
Doma City, Doma
occupation innkeep; part-time mercenary
family Robert C. Kliyy, III (adopted son; RPer--pdrydia), Alexander Maxilan (father, deceased), Mikan Rai (half-brother; RPer--Nekogami), Ellyn/"Rai" (mother), Kadalni Rai (half-brother; RPer--pdrydia), Pink (half-sister; RPer--pdrydia)
race cursed dragonhalf (bunny-eared, bunny-tailed, human/shadow-aligned forest dragon)
physical description .
  • dragonhalf form -- 5' 6" tall, ~160 lbs; pale blue eyes ██; brown hair ██ usually pulled back in a ponytail; human appearance aside from stubby, ivory-colored horns ██ and dark green wings ██; wings are as tall as Dia, have a span of 7'8" when stretched, and are too frail and small for flight; bleeds, blushes, and flushes green ██; may appears lighter in weight than she is, if one doesn't take the wings into account (as a human might)
  • dragon form -- 12' foot to shoulder, 16' snout to tailtip, 26' wingspan; dark green scales ██, pale blue eyes ██; small head, shaped like a narrow cone, muzzle ending in a short hook; series of stubby, ivory horns ██ ring either side of the face, pointing towards the wings--two longer horns towards the top, and smaller ones curving along the side; stubby tail; dragon form looks misproportioned and not fully grown to Gaeran dragons
  • curse -- Dia's "curse", when active, affects both forms by adding proportionally-sized bunny ears. In her dragonhalf form, she also has an appropriate tail; in her dragon form, fur tries to grow out at the tip of her tail, pushing out between the scales and just leaving her looking additionally silly and leaving that part of her tail uncomfortably warm.
typical clothing Dia likes what she wears. Day after day after day. She isn't a very flashy person, and it can be difficult to convince her to try to wear something new. She does not like dresses or the color pink.
  • in general -- grey shirt ██, green pants ██, dark grey belt ██--from which hangs a dagger, a wooden spoon and a decoy money pouch--and a real money pouch enchanted by Mephistopholes to appear as a very worn, pale pink bunny plushie ██--if stolen, it is enchanted to cause the thief crushing guilt, until they: (1) get it back to its owner, or believe they have, or (2) the enchantment is dispelled
  • for combat/travel -- for combat/travel -- grey-colored, magically-shielded robes ██, green belt ██, vorpal dagger, the enchanted money pouch tucked inside hidden pockets, and potions/other supplies as needed by job and/or situation
  • items --
    • vorpal dagger (+1/+1, capable of damaging incorporeal beings)
    • money pouch enchanted by Mephistopholes to appear as a very worn, pale pink bunny plushie--if stolen, it is enchanted to cause the thief crushing guilt, until they: (1) get it back to its owner, or believe they have, or (2) the enchantment is somehow dispelled. Dia doesn't typically carry more than 140-300 gil on her around Doma, or 5000 on trips, unless she has a very good reason to bring more.
personality if you don't already know, RP with me, strumpet. :[]
religious beliefs Now, given that Dia's first experience with 'religion' was with Rivan dragoons--a group generally fond of twisting Ishtarian texts to justify the hunt and murder of dragonkind--Dia has never been too keen on worship. Even upon learning the 'proper' Ishtarian teachings from Daniel Hyral, she was still pretty wary about the whole religion thing. Now, when deities started popping up randomly into her life? That was probably the straw that sprouted a mouth and legs before proceeding to jump up and down shouting: "Holy shit, Loki totally just animated a straw to have legs and talk to you! Why should you worship any damn god if they just spend their time screwing around with people's lives like this?" So, yeah. Dia doesn't really worship anything, and that's about her reasons. She does, however, curse in Ryuugami's name a fair bit. It just seems appropriate.
drunk type the spectrum
other Suffers from teleportation sickness and a somewhat manageable fear of heights. Dia has a shadow-alignment, for those who can sense such a thing. She also has an atypical aura due to her nature--for those with characters who check auras as a matter of course (and you should do this anyway), be sure to mention it when you're RPing with me. :o


Dia wound up an orphan at the age of 9 when her father, a Rivan mercenary, finally met his end in a tavern brawl--not the timeliest of deaths, or the best testament to his abilities, but a taste for alcohol seems to run in the family. Not very interested in staying at the place where her father had been killed, Dia took off and fairly much ran, not paying a great deal of attention to where she was going. Other things were on her mind. By the time she calmed down, she had traveled to the nearby town of Lowangen. Not finding the general populace very sympathetic to a strange, beggar child, the girl found herself wandering to an alley, hoping to find something...

What she wound up with was a small, yellow-eyed, dark green lapdragon and a pair of drunken dragoons who were bent on torturing it to death, for ye olde shits and giggles. Dia being Dia...she told them off. Naturally. Aaand lost control of spell which disguises her dragonhalf traits. Things might have gone very badly, if in her anger she hadn't inadvertently cast a harmless spell. It didn't do anything--hence the harmless part--but it was enough to attract the attention of Dragan Rahl (RPer--DogshamanPhil), a traveling sorcerer who had settled in town to perform healing and other magical services. Being nearby, the Valthi investigated into the matter quickly...

Well, after taking care of that little situation, and learning the events which brought had led the girl there, Dragan took it upon himself to raise and educate the dragonhalf. She soon proved to possess some amount of magical talent, as it happened--though she seemed completely incapable of casting even the most basic of healing spells, she took to summoning and illusion especially. While not having the greatest temperament for studying, with the rules Dragan set there wasn't a great deal Dia had to do but sit around and practice magic. So, that's what she did.

However, grateful though she was for everything Dragan had done for her, Dia was juvenilely stubborn in many ways, and determined to honor her father by being the next great mercenary in the Maxilan line. By the age of 14 she began earning her living as a mercenary magician, traveling around much of the eastern side of Igala, from then on until the age of 20. A great deal of consequence happened during that time--enough to keep Dia talking for days, if you could actually get her to talk about it--but it is arguably most important to note how her mercenary days came to an end.

One day in 1313, Dia was approached by Pheryl Fasir (RPer--Nekogami)--a woman who'd once or thrice threatened her life. Imagine Dia's surprise when the bastet, in much distress, announced that she had to leave Doma very soon, and would be honored if Dia would take care of her inn for her. Being all at once confused and confronted with a distraught woman, and having no idea how to handle either matter, the dragonhalf did the only thing that came to mind--she agreed.

Since then, Dia has been the owner of the Jade Dragon Inn, a position she treats with progressively less reluctance and increasing competency each year. While she would still prefer to be traipsing about the continent doing merc jobs--and sometimes, she will still sneak out to do just that--since adjusting to the idea of staying in one place long enough to make, and keep, friends...and since officially adopting Robert...she can't deny the advantages in her new job. To herself, anyway.







  • Dia Rai: Gaera Main native
  • BASIC--human/dragon innkeep (Jade Dragon Inn); born 1 Kazerora 1293; current residence Jade Dragon Inn; current whereabouts Thelehassa (RP: To Cure a Cabbit); magic user
  • DESCRIPTION--pale blue eyes, light/medium brown hair, tanned skin, 5'6", ~160 pounds, medium frame; ivory horns, dark green scaled wings (height: roughly as tall as Dia, span slightly less than 8 feet), tall light/medium brown rabbit ears; sticks to wearing one of two possible outfits except under most dire circumstances
  • PERSONALITY--stubborn, skeptical, prone to anger; sometimes capricious; protective of friends and family
  • OTHER--

Philsys Necessaries

Philsys Box

Dia Rai ( pdrydia )
Level 6; 1530/3250 XP
Max HP: 94; Max MP: 124; Max TP: 43
Initiative: 8 + 2d6 (10-20)


Courage: +5
Wisdom: +6
Intuition: +4
Charisma: +1
Agility: +3
Dexterity: +1
Strength: 0
Stamina: +2
Magic Aptitude: 5

Base AT/PA: 12/12
Modified for weapon skill: 18/14
Modified for equipment: 18/14

Equipment: body=Shielded Robe (13, 0/0)
arms=Leather Bracers (10, -1/-1)
misc=Father's necklace

Weapons: vorpal dagger (+1/+1)
thrusting: 5 + 1d6 (6-11)
slashing: 8 + 2d4 (10-16)
chopping: 11 + 2d6 (13-23)


Daggers: 9
Unarmed: 4
Dragon Magic: 4
Illusion Magic: 12
Mental Magic: 5
Shadow Magic: 9
Summon Magic: 14
Pickpocketing: 3
Trading: 4
[s]Dragon Affinity: 4
[s]Drinking: 3
[s]Bullshit: 4
[s]Deception: 4
[s]Stealth: 3

Spells and Techs

  • [Innate] Shadow Alignment (no cost): Dia is shadow aligned. She recieves a 50% base damage reduction from shadow-based attacks; as she increases in level (5, 10, 15, 20) this bonus increases (by 25% pre increment). However, she recieves double damage from holy attacks, and cannot be healed by holy elemental spells.
  • [Innate] Dragon Form (12 TP): My OTHER vehicle is a dragon. Dia transforms into a 12 foot tall dragon, her clothing and equipment melding into scales until she returns to "human" form. While transformed, her Shadow Magic rank increases by half her level and her HP rises by 30%. She gains +3 to her strength, but suffers a penalty of -3 to her dexterity. Her normal armor is disregarded, and she gains a natural AC of 24. There are several RP precussions of this transformation as well, both in the way other react to her and Dia's personality.
  • [Innate] Breath (4 TP): Shadow-based magical attack which deals 46+3d6 damage to any creature within range of its blast (6 hexes long, 4 hexes wide). Can only be used in dragon form. No mentos is large enough for this job.
  • [Unarmed=2] Boot (to tha Head) (3 TP): Improves Dia's unarmed damage by 1.5x
  • [Unarmed=4] Luck of the Brawl (2 TP/round): All those fights with the goblins have to amount to something. Dia has developed something of a sixth sense in a fight, allowing her to guess what attacks are coming before they come, a skill she can tap into with the right concentration. Plus 4 to PA rolls.
  • [Dragon Mag=1, Dragon Affinity=1, Summon=1] Dragon Spirit (5 TP, 15 MP): Dia gives all allies a physical shield of AC=3*rank, for 3 turns.
  • [Dragon Mag=2, Shadow=1] Dragon Fangs (2 TP, 15 MP): Dia's astral dragon form chomps down on an opponent. Tasty! Deals 20+1d10 (21-30) damage, and deals 1.5x damage to shadow creatures.
  • [Dragon Mag=3] Dragon Drain (10 TP): Drains 6+rank*2+1d6 MP from an opponent and gives it to Dia.
  • [Dragon Mag=4] Soul Flame (10 HP, 10 TP, 75 MP): Dia sacrifices part of her life force to deliver 74+1d20 (75-94) points of shadow damage to all enemies within a 15 foot radius.
  • [Mental=1] Telepathy: It's talking...IN YOUR HEAD.
  • [Mental=3] Guarded Telepathy: It's talking...IN YOUR HEAD. Only this time, with a guard around the conversation to keep out prying 'eyes' and 'ears.'
  • [Mental=4] MindLash (14 MP): Dia uses a forced telepathic link to attack a single opponent. If it's not forced, it's easier! Deals 10+rank*5+2d6 and requires no chanting.
  • [Shadow=1] Shadowball (5 MP): Forms a ball of compressed shadow energy which deals 7+rank+1d6 damage to one target.
  • [Shadow=4] Shadow Heal (18 MP): Eat this, white mages! Heals one target, restoring 15+rank*4+2d6 HP. Can be used to heal anyone --including the undead, demons, etc.--except holy-aligned creatures (such as certain divine celestials, or celestial dragons). In order to cast this spell, Dia has to be bleeding from a wound.
  • [Shadow=8] Dark Explosion (50 MP): Deals 14+rank*4+2d6 points of shadow damage to all targets within a 20 foot radius of the target.
  • [Illusion=5] Improved Distraction (8 MP): Hey, look over there! A more complex illusion spell, this spell can create an illusion with up to two dimensions (fools two senses), as well as an illusion of greater complexity.
  • [Illusion=6] Mimic (10 MP): This spell enables the caster to create an illusion which makes them resemble someone else. The caster can make themselves to appear to be anyone or look however they so desire, so long as they can clearly imagine it.

--(all of Dia's summons stay in effect for 5 turns except where noted; summons are unarmoured, have Dia's PA, and all damage directed toward summons go to her)--

  • [Summon=1] MegaImp (5 MP)- Dia calls upon her first summoned monster! A rather large imp annoys the enemy for 1d6 HP and MP damage. Can cause a a -3/-3 penalty to AT/PA, which can be disregarded at the GM's discretion, depending upon how the target would respond to the imp.
  • [Summon=1] Goblinsquad (11 MP): Dia calls out to a pair of northern goblins she befriended as a child. Cletus and Billy Bob come and bop the crap out of an enemy for 10+1d10 (11-20) damage/turn. On a critical success, the whole clan comes to town, a-hootin' and a-hollerin'.
  • [Summon=2] Territorial Chocobo (17 MP): Dia summons a chocobo from a distant forest. A cute lil' chocobo pecks the holy bejeesus out of an enemy for 16+2d8 (18-32) damage/turn. On a critical success, a very large, very fat chocobo falls out of the sky to squish the target.
  • [Summon=3] Sylph Drain (27 MP): Aw, they're so pretty...OW FUCK. Drains 16-2d8 (18-32) HP from an enemy, and transfers it to an ally of Dia's choice.
  • [Summon=5, Dragon Affinity=2] Fluffy (24 MP): Dia's dragon companion Fluffy materializes to maul a chosen target. Deals 14+rank(of dragon affinity)+2d8 (20-34). Only works in this manner if Fluffy is sufficiently distant.
  • [Summon=5, Shadow=3] Shadow Beast (25 MP, 10 TP): Conjures a beast from the shadowplane to attack the enemy for 20+rank(of both subskills)+1d20. Stays in effect for (SUMMON RANK]/3 turns, rounded to the nearest whole.
  • [Summon=7] Cactrot (40 MP): One thousand needles of fun! Deals 15+3*rank+2d8 damage to a single target.
  • [Summon=10] Mephistopholes (20 MP): Meph is called away from the Grinning Cat to play a prank on a target of Dia's choice. Casts a random--and as Meph is an intelligent creature--useful negative status; at GM's discretion, "little girl" can be one of those. If the opponent is successfully inflicted with the status of "little girl," Dia turns into an part-usagijin with pink robes for the duration of a week.
  • [Summon=12, Shadow=8] Cerebus (50 MP, 15 TP): And for Dia's next trick, she will summon a lesser demon from the underworld! It's amazing some of the things you can pick up as a barmistress in Doma, with a little bit of the right skills. The only thing this sweet-tempered three-headed puppy asks for in return for doing Dia's bidding is a little taste of flesh of the innocent...of course. Deals 45+2*rank(of both subskills)+3d8.