Dark Tidings

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Dark Tidings: Forum 1G- Kyok, Doma; Doma City, Doma

Gamemaster: Besyanteo

Relevant Characters

Griff Amanziani
Phyllias Brightwing
Daniel Hyral
Stephan Hyral
Tristan Laevens


Jeridan of the Arrowfist
Maxwell Vaza
(These are not all of the NPCs, simply the ones who both had names that can be found in the RP, and had an impact on the players.)


Forum: Dark Tidings


(Warning: Done from memory. This will be revised later.) Late in the Mallian War, several men disappeared in the night from both the Inner Doman Defense Forces as well as the forces at Castle Hyral, with no explanation. Investigation had to be forestalled until after the war, by which time any trail that might have been left had long since gone cold. Later, only a few weeks before Ishmas of that same year, letters were received by Daniel Hyral and Stephan Hyral, Phyllias Brightwing, and Griff Amanziani. A demon named Saedeus claimed responsibility for the disappearance of their friends, and bade them come to his tower, several miles north of the village of Kyok, under pain of the death of these people. Daniel enlisted the additional help of James the Reploid, while Tristan Laevens happened upon the group as they prepared to set out. Sympathetic to their cause, they readily came to the group's aid.

The party set out west from Doma, moving at some speed over flatlands on the backs of chocobo and horse alike. Their first night saw them attacked by a band of seemingly wandering thieves. However, they dealt with these quickly and brutally. Griff and Stephan managed to take one of the thieves captive, and after binding him to a tree, they slept. As they traveled the next day, a fierce storm came up, forcing the party to take shelter in a cave they found among some oddly shaped boulders. Inside, they discovered a box containing a series of odd, magical charms. Each eventually took one for their own.

The next day, the group made their way to the town of Kyok. It had become a ghost town by all appearances, devoid of any sign of human life. From the outside, it looked as though everyone may have simply left en masse. However, further inspection inside told another story. Strange tracks and claw marks littered buildings, mutilated animals lay here and there about the street. And yet, still no people could be found, dead or alive. They pressed on, heading north, where the demon's black tower stood meanacingly. Upon reaching it, they were greeted by Saedeus... as an illusion; He hid at the top of the tower, and drove the party forward to meet him, whipping Midoku (one of those captured from Catle Hyral) before fading away.

Inside, the group faced many traps and tests, and several sustained severe injuries. James was forced to leave, taken back to Doma by Davin, before they could even scale the tower in proper. There was no one theme to these devices and illusions, they only seemed to serve to slow and anger the party. Finally, they made their way into Saedeus' labs. Here they confronted Saedeus, as well as his minion Alathana. Though ultimately they did defeat him and rescue their friends, Saedeus escaped through a large magical construct, which Phyllias Brightwing was able to identify as s teleportation device. The party did not dare follow; The operation of the device killed two of Saedeus's minions, and severely injured Alathana. The lady drow was arrested and jailed, given a reduced sentence in exchange for giving up information about SAedeus to the guard, as well as many of the devices in his tower.

Most of the townfolk of Kyok were rescued from the tower, and lived to pick up the pieces of their lives. Ironically, this was easier for them than the majority of Doma after the war; Saedeus's presence prevented Malachias's minions from sacking the town, as they searched there for one Kerov Altec. The tower disappeared nearly without trace before a crew of mages could examine it. What remained at the site was a 4 inch tall rose made of black glass, which is being held and closely guarded within Doma. It seems to possess no magic of it's own, but it's resemblance to the full sized black tower cannot simply be ignored.