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question about page renaming (resolved)

Would anyone be terribly upset if I renamed the subcategories of this page, i.e.

  • Gaera Main City Notes
  • Gaera Main Deities
  • Gaera Main Important Locations
  • Gaera Main Theology
  • Gaeran Continents
  • Gaeran Festivals
  • Gaeran Magic
  • Gaeran Nations

so that they are easier to scan (for what the contents are, i.e., short title) and organize on this page alphabetically?

I have no intention of touching Gaera Main Characters. Besides generally not wanting to mess with others' sheets, even for links, there's 140+ entries which are for the most part, pretty large entries. I figure one of the categories will be better than many--I'd like to see if it can be made to organize before all the rest of the categories.

--Dia 16:41, 25 February 2007 (PST)

What do you want to change them to? I mean, I doubt anyone's going to be really broken up about it. I'm just not sure what you want instead. --Kai 16:59, 25 February 2007 (PST)

It would have been useful to include that, huh?

  • Gaera Main City Notes --> Cities
  • Gaera Main Deities --> Deities
  • Gaera Main Important Locations --> Important Locations
  • Gaera Main Theology --> Theology
  • Gaeran Continents --> Continents
  • Gaeran Festivals --> Festivals
  • Gaeran Magic --> Magic
  • Gaeran Nations --> Nations

--Dia 17:13, 25 February 2007 (PST)

Yeah, that looks fine. If you're interested in doing it, you should go ahead. --Kai 17:35, 25 February 2007 (PST)

misc infodump

Things from the site that I'm not really sure where to put:


From the website at rpstuff/gaera_money.html, comparing currency worth comparative to the Doman gil. This was way before the Malachian War, so it's not likely to be as accurate anymore. Just finding a place to infodump.
Currency rates:

The former complex table was becoming an irritation to code accurately; therefore, the table has been greatly simplified. All money is valued compared to the Doman gil, which is worth half of a US dollar ($0.78 Canadian, £0.34 UK). That is, each number tells how much a single unit of each currency is worth in Doman gil.

D-gil 1
chi 1
favor 0.50
guilder 1.1
gum 0.75
kurlen 0.50
mrr 2
ou 2
R-gil 0.78
T-zante 0.70
VC 0.71
yuro 2
zante (Baronian) 0.75
zenny 0.20
--Dia 14:12, 4 April 2007 (PDT)

Doman General Catalogue (DMC)

The DGC, or Doman General Catalogue, is a collection of data on stars. Started by a group of people interested in formalizing what facts were known about the various stars, they set out to catalog information on them, and see if any patterns emerged. This catalogue includes common name or names, color, position in the sky, and any odd features about the star (e.g., varying brightness, odd shape, visible motion, etc...). Each star is assigned a number in chronological order, and the catalogue currently features information on about 2500 stars.
--Dia 15:55, 4 April 2007 (PDT)

blood magic

"blood magic - Despite what its name implies, "blood magic" does not refer to a group of spells but rather a unique ability to be able to synthesize mana from the energy released when blood is spilled. / Blood magic is more of an inherited, and not a learned, ability. Only certain races can ever use it, and only one race (the 'angels' to the west of Doma and along the Shuman Mountains) on Gaera is known to have mages born with the ability regularly. In all the other races capable of blood magic, the occurance of the trait is rare. / A problem with blood magic is that it is an uncontrolled, involuntary process. Mana overflow, caused by an excess of mana in the body, is a common problem with "blood mages." In instances of mana overflow, excess mana is not only oftentimes damaging to the mage's body, but also is dispelled via uncontrollable, unpredictable, and oftentimes very dangerous wild mana casting."
Actually, I originally created this a long time back for plot purposes. At the time of course I thought it was a neat idea. Now I think it's really dumb. I'm all open for people making it not-suck. :Z --Dia 15:57, 4 April 2007 (PDT)




Culled from an old post: essentially, the topic of the post was "so hey, what are some Gaeran legends--true, untrue, and otherwise? Kinda old, as evidenced by the post of LMB's.

Megalor (A.k.A. The Great Sea Turtle King)

The Legend: Legend foretells of a giant sea-turtle that roams the seas. His shells is enough to harbor a 200 hundred burly men, his eye as large as a carriage. One flick of his powerful fins can cause a tsunami 1000 feet high. He eats enough to feed a kingdom.

However, if your ship strays in a squall or storm, the Great Turtle will lift your ship upon his back and you can feast upon the magical island on his back and sleep in silken tents. Moments later, as if from a dream, you will arrive to your destination never to see the Great Turtle again.

The Facts: Megalor is indeed a giant turtle. His age is unknown to any except for him, most likely but he is very ancient. His shell can seem as an island in the distance but the vegetation on his back is merely coral and barnacle that have collected in his decades of sleep. He sleeps for 20 years every 50 years.

He's a very kind creature and would not have a problem in helping a wayward boat so there could be some truth those legends. Megalor does have strong magic but he cannot cause tsunamis has predicted.

His purpose is to record all the happens in the seas to which he is confined. No one knows the origins of Megalor but there are even more legends to how one can contact him. (Nekogami)

The Horn of Fayori

The Legend: In the undersea kingdom of the sea elves there foretells of a king of all the Sea that could control all of the animals in it. He wielded a conch shell of great size that could be heard where ever the waves would reach.

With it the King of All could summon the Ancient Great Sea Beasts. However, once he summoned the Great Sea Demon and it destroyed his him and his kingdom. The Horn of Fayori was lost to the depths, never to be sounded again.

The Facts: No one can credit or discredit the existence of this horn. (Nekogami)

The Kinbaneko

The Legend: A legend told among miners speaks of a fearsome cat creature in the Shuman mountains that feeds upon metal as well as flesh. Because of this, the creature's body - fur, bones, flesh, and all - is incredibly dense, and its claws and teeth are exceptionally sharp and painful. It actively attacks people that work in mines, particularly in gold mines, to take the mined metal for itself.

The legend also says that the only way to slay the creature is to cut off its head and feet and douse its neck in powerful acids. If not killed in this way, it will simply come back to life in another body.

The Facts: This is not a lone creature, no. There is a small population of these creatures that lives solely in the Shuman Mountains. The part about the creature devouring metal is true, but only in regards to metal ores; these creatures do not feed on metals that have been extracted from their ores. The fur, bones, and by extension, claws and teeth of the creatures indeed are incredibly dense due to the metal, but the flesh of the creatures doesn't have the metal. The creature's flesh is, however, incredibly tough, and the muscles are unusually strong.

The creature does attack mine workers, but only if they intrude upon its territory. It is much easier to kill than the legend indicates - the creature can be killed by most normal means, though anything relying on fire or ice does not work well. Electricity, on the other hand, is much more effective (due to all that metal, yes).

The creature's fur, if undamaged, is highly valued. Also, if the body is burned in a closed area, the metal that was in its bones does remain. The flesh of these creatures, however, is highly poisonous.

It should be noted that trying to domesticate these creatures from birth is beyond the reach of most people, but possible if you're incredibly good at animal training AND you happen to have enough raw metal ore on hand. (It's a LOT of ore, I tell you.) Just don't expect to be caring for more than one. After about five months, domesticating a kinbaneko is literally impossible. (Nekogami)

Bamfs the Big Foam God, El Tiburon Rey, Ousame-kami

The Legend:
One thousand ships long, one million men strong
Sixteen gods made and twenty islands long
In the deepest darkest depths
Lives the shark of a hundred myths.

- Children's song

The Facts: There have been reports of a huge white or light grey shark with a dorsal fin as tall as a ships highest mast. There have been some mention that the shark may have destroyed an entire Inustani armada at some point but it cannot be verified. There are also tales that the Shark is completely harmless.

Among the dragons there are legends that the shark has been known to leap a mile from the water to grab them but again it's counted as a tail to keep young dragonlings from going to far. (Nekogami)

The Fruits of Forever

The Legend: Legend has it, that deep within the Shuman mountains, a mighty tree grew. The tree was so massive that the lands surrounding were enshrouded in night for hundreds of years. The tree grew so huge that it's roots tapped the mana rich core of Gaera. With this energy the tree bore fruit, which unfortunately killed it.

Most of the fruit rotted away when it was unable to take root. However, a single pieces of the fruit were whisked away by one of the gods (which god this was is unclear, as their are several variation to this legend). This god then planted one of the fruits high atop a mountain and left an unbeatable guardian to protect it (what this guardian is varies from god to god).

Once every ten years the new tree grows a single fruit, which is consumed by the guardian, providing it with ten years more life and imbuing it with incredible power. Should the guardian fail to eat the fruit it will wither and die leaving the tree unguarded.

The Facts: Whether the tree actually existed or whether there is currently a new one hasn't been confirmed. However many experts point out that in almost every nation there is a legend similar to this one. Thus the tree is entirely possible. (Lord McBastard)

The Hateful Storm

The Legend: An old Jitsuko legend, mostly forgetten since their extinction. However, a few of the demons of Avon know it, keeping it catalogued with what little knowledge they have retained of the fallen nomads.

In the days before nations had risen, and the world was young, the plains of Avon were plagued by a storm of hatred and destruction, a living entity of cloud that could rain down lighting and fiery destruction at a whim, destroying anything than it pleased. The old culture fell to this, as the Jitsuko rose from the ashes left in its wake.

The Facts: Some of the pre-Jitsuko era ruins do have a few scars from what appear to have been fire. It seems doubtful anything like the supposed Hateful Storm is to blame, given that it doesn't seem to have bothered anything else in the known world since the fall of the mysterious Pre-Jitsuko civilization. The scholars of Avon believe that this is legend is based on some kind of war that time forgot. (Uncle Pervy)

The Gauntlet of Kei Pao

The Legend: Two thousands years ago, in the Middle Kingdom of the Middle Children lived a miserable Tsung Warlock named Kei Pao the Destroyer. So miserable was this warlocks power that as he grew to rule over much of the the Middle Kingdom old enemies banded together as allies to shut his power away for all eternity.

A battle waged for a hundred years, or so my ancestors say, before finally the sealed his hateful spirit into the a gold gauntlet. The sealed the relic in a temple at the heart of the battle field a swamp protected by unmentionable spirits a beasts.

It is said to wear the gauntlet is to unleash his wrath. Wherever the gauntlet goes, a trail of destruction follows...

The Facts: There is fact of the temple, the swamp, and of a the gauntlet's existence before it was stolen nearly 500 years ago. However, there are no written records of Kei Pao. Ancients call him an unspeakable evil and vestiges of his existence were destroyed for fear that they could invoke his spirit.

When the gauntlet was stolen, several odd occurences happened and a two years later stopped. If the trail is connected to the legend then the Gauntlet may be some where northwest in Igala. (Nekogami)

Elorwing, the Eldest Dragon

The Legend: Legends speak of a mighty dragon, the biggest and oldest of them all. He is said to be the last dragon from the Before Times, when their kind filled the skies. Bigger than the highest mountain, and probably almost older.

They say that his wingspan is so long, and so large... that the mighty dragon can blot out the very sun. With the addition of that, the old dragon is reported to have magic powers. Those who are skilled enough to find him are asked the hardest question in the universe. If they answer correctly, the great beast will grant them one wish.

The Facts: While nobody in recent times has seen such a creature, there are old texts that mention the name Elorwing, as well as that it is a dragon that is spoken of. But nobody has found such a large creature that the legends speak of. (Ash Fanrico)

--Dia 16:23, 26 April 2007 (PDT)

Article category changes, and logic behind them

I'll try to put this as best I can, after chitchatting with some folks about it.

I've noticed in a few articles, we have redundant categories. One in paticular is Baron Castle, which has the following:

"Cities, Cities of Baron, Important Locations, Important Locations of Baron"

On Wikipedia, one of the things they strongly recommend, is only attaching articles to the bottom 'branches' of category trees. Otherwise, it quickly turns into a very big, difficult to navigate mess. Which I fear we might be in danger of soon, with all the new categories.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and give this a shot with Important Locations first. I'm gonna go through the articles showing up in there, and try removing some of the redundant category tags. If it's breaking anything, or if you have a different idea for how these should be organized, we migth wanna get together to talk it over at some point.

--FFFanatic 23:11, 29 April 2007 (PDT)

Kayo. --Dia 13:54, 30 April 2007 (PDT)

Possible problem: some articles/categories labeled (Gaera Main), some not

I see this becoming an issue at some point. Especially if/when more information is put up someday for other settings (Second Generation, MAC, Elemaer, etc). So, what standard approach do we want to use? Two options I see are:

1) if there's nothing listed, we assume it's about Gaera Main, since it's the 'primary' settings. If its about another setting, it'll be in parenthesis:

IE: Rivers (2g), Important Locations (Elemaer)

Some people already do this with their character articles, and it'll avoid having to do a massive renaming of articles.

2) Relabel the current Gaera Main articles to show they're about Gaera Main. Loooooooooooooooootta work to do this one.

I'm sensing option 1 will likely be it, but figured I should ask. =X

--FFFanatic 14:57, 1 May 2007 (PDT)