Blizzard Hyral

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A grey wolf / german shepard mix. Has the same light and dark fur markings as german shepards. However, like a wolf, his fur is somewhat fluffier, with a light grey, almost blueish color instead of tan. His eyes are a very bright blue as well. With people he knows well, Blizzard is very friendly and affectionate. However, strangers seem to bring out a feral, protective reaction out of the dog. He's very observant, whether it's noting the mood of his family, or picking up patterns very easily. One example of this, is when he's introduced to strangers. To stop him from growling and barking, the family will hold a person's hand near Blizzard's nose, while petting him with the other hand. Blizzard quickly learned that this is the family's way of saying "This person is Ok".

Blizzard was once cared for by a druid, living in the woods north of Ordana, Baron. Because of his mixed heritage, and docile nature compared to his wild kin, he was rejected by his pack. Were it not for the druid, he likely would have died while trying to fend for himself. Sadly, said druid would lose his life, after an attack on his forest home.

With no one left to care for him, Alexander Hyral decided to care for the dog, bringing him home for his son Daniel's birthday. Unfortunately, Blizzard's introduction to the family started off rocky. Daniel was terrified of the dog, running away and hiding in his room. His mother, Shelia, feared it would go wild and attack her children. Oddly enough however, his brother Stephan bonded with Blizzard very easily. Alex explained how the druid caring for Blizzard had passed away, making his son feeling very sad for the dog. After that, Stephan spent a lot of time with Blizzard, trying to help him feel better.

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