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Blandly Titled: A Second Gen RP

Gamemaster: Kai

Relevant Characters

Solis Darylshield
Sorune Yohlm
James Silvar


Zea Mazuo
High John the Conquerer


Blandly Titled: Family Ties
Zea's Letter to Sorune
Blandly Titled: Confessions of a Conquerer
Blandly Titled: An Intervention


Zea was met at her day-job by Zeke Mazuo, and while he didn't know who she was, she recognized him on sight. As it turns out, he had been hired by a religious group to locate and "retrieve" her. After a short (and rather awkward discussion) Zea told her father who she was. He opted to cancel his contract with his employer by going back to the man's office and shooting him in the face.

After a short grace period in which the group found a new leader, they broke into Zea's house in the middle of the night (more or less destroying it in the process) and unbound her aura. After this they her back to their own property. A ghost Zea has known since childhood named John the Conquerer contacted James Silvar, Sorune Yohlm, and Solis Darylshield and alerted them to this fact.

The apparent goal of the group was to use Zea's connection to the dead to contact some variety of ancient pantheon of long-forgotten gods. They believe this because another of Zea's "childhood friends," a ghost named Jezreel, has been telling them he's one of the aforementioned "Ancients."

To open the connection to the Ancients, the group needed to first unbind her aura, and then dissolve it altogether. The first ritual had already been performed, so it was up to Zea's friends to stop the second ritual that would undoubtedly kill her. James, Solis, and Sorune tracked her down and killed most of the group that had been holding her. By stealing the very ritual circle that was built to kill her, the guys stopped the ritual, claimed the circle for their own, and rebound her aura.

After assuring themselves that Zea survived the ritual, they were all about to leave when Reshtaha appeared to thank them for assisting one of his followers. When it became clear that not only was he indeed the god of death, but that he wasn't there to take Zea, the party calmed down a bit.

Reshtaha called Zea aside and offered her a position as a reaper in his service. She accepted, and is presently working as a reaper part-time. To prevent anything of this sort from happening in the future, James Silvar insisted upon acting as her personal bodyguard, going so far as to move into her house while she's rebuilding.