Barren Desert

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A desert to the east of Baron and to the far west of Doma.

The desert itself is surrounded on its north and east by the Titan and Shuman mountains, respectively, Baron to its west, and a large plain to its south.

MUSH description

Barren Desert <BD>(#326Rn):

The desert is a hot, arid and dusty land resting between Baron and the foothills of the Shumans. The change to desert on the west, south, and east is gradual enough that, from Baron's easternmost border, the desert cannot be seen. Neither can the desert immediately be seen from the bordering Shuman Mountains. However, on the north, the change is anything but subtle; a traveler may find herself one moment surrounded by the familiar Titan mountainscape, and the other overlooking the deathly landscape of the desert.

Despite its name--obviously given by those who live in less arid lands--the Barren Desert is no more lifeless than your average desert. Various flora and fauna have adapted quite adequately to the limited rainfall and extreme temperatures created in the particular environment.

It is likely that settlements exist within the desert; however, there have been no great mapping expeditions as yet. Nor have any living within the desert decided to make their presence known in any great way.

Obvious exits: <B>aron Western <Fr>ontier <Ti>tan Mountains Shumans Spine South <shS>



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